Is 5,000 ppm of CO2 dangerous for health? No, says a former submariner

Climate Realists of B.C. President Patrick Hunt describes his experiences on a submarine when CO2 levels rose as high as 5,000 parts per million

Patrick Hunt, president of the Climate Realists of British Columbia, discusses the challenges of climate models. During his service with the Canadian Navy, Patrick served on a submarine that had CO2 levels of at 5,000 parts per million of carbon dioxide (CO2), with no ill-effects. After that, he was involved in custom software applications and high-tech.

In this Friends of Science interview, he discusses how climate models are made of bits and bytes” as opposed to toy models, which are actually physical and made to exact scale of the “real thing.” While computer models (simulations) are used for many things in our real world, and they are a valuable tool, they must be tested against reality and actual observed data to see if the algorithmic calculations accurately or reasonably match with reality. Climate models fail in this regard.

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