John Rustad, MLA: CO2 is not the thermostat of the world

In a Friends of Science video conversation, Patrick Hunt, President of Climate Realists of B.C., discusses how former Liberal B.C. MLA and now leader of the B.C. Conservative Party John Rustad was ousted from the Liberal Party (now B.C. United) because he supported a more realistic view of how we should deal with climate change. To view the video, climate on the image below.
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‘Weather porn’ hides the fact that disaster deaths are way down

Over the past decade, climate-related disasters have killed 98 per cent fewer people than a century ago. So, where’s the ‘crisis’?

By Bjorn Lomborg, National Post, Feb. 21, 2024

Watching the news, you get the sense that climate change is making the planet unlivable. We are bombarded with images of floods, droughts, storms and wildfires. We see deadly events nearby but also farflung disasters when the pictures are scary enough.

Yet the impression this barrage of catastrophe gives us is wildly misleading and makes it harder to get climate change policy right. Data show climate-related events like floods, droughts, storms and wildfires aren’t killing more people.… Read more

Cambridge climate scientist denounces ‘climate emergency’ as ‘noble’ deceit

Dr. Mike Hulme says scientists and activists are exaggerating the threat for political ends

By Phoebe Smith, Public, Feb. 25, 2024

Politicians and activists alike have warned of a looming climate catastrophe for decades. “Biden urged to declare climate change a national emergency,” reported NBC last year. “Climate Changes Threatens Every Facet of U.S. Society, Federal Report Warns,” announced Scientific American.

Cambridge University climate scientist Mike Hulme disagrees. “Declaring a climate emergency has a chilling effect on politics,” he tells Public. “It suggests there isn’t time for normal, necessary democratic process.”

Climate activists may dismiss Hulme as a “climate denier,” but he agrees the planet is warming due to human activities and specifically says we should prepare for more heat waves. … Read more

Today’s ‘climate crisis’ is a fairy tale

Scientifically, ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon footprint’ are meaningless terms.  We need more carbon dioxide, not less

By Daniel W. Nebert, American Thinker, Jan. 27, 2024

For the past 35 years, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned us that emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, predominantly carbon dioxide (CO2), are causing dangerous global warming.  This myth is blindly accepted — even by many of my science colleagues who know virtually nothing about climate.  As a scientist, my purpose here is to help expose this fairy tale.

The global warming story is not a benign fantasy.  It is seriously damaging Western economies.  In… Read more