Clouds, not CO2, key to understanding climate: Nobel winner

When clouds are added to climate models, it’s clear that there is no ‘climate emergency,’ Dr. John Clauser argues

By Jan Jekielek, Mimi Nguyen Ly, Epoch Times, Sept. 13, 2023

Nobel Prize laureate John Clauser has recently been in the spotlight for challenging prevailing climate models, which he said have ignored a key variable.

Dr. Clauser, who was a recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to quantum mechanics, holds degrees from Caltech and Columbia University. He has served in roles at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the University of California–Berkeley. In 2010, he was honored with a portion of the Wolf Prize in Physics.… Read more

Why the IPCC is wrong to blame CO2 for global-warming issues

The evidence is clear that natural forces and their feedbacks, not human-caused carbon dioxide, are the primary cause of today’s ‘climate change’

By Ken Wilson, P.Eng. (ret.), Sept. 14, 2023


The IPCC has dominated the funding and development of the anthropogenic global warming narrative since its inception in 1988.  The IPCC’s work has been strongly supported by the UN Secretary-General, most Western governments and by most environmental advocacy organizations. 

So far, the IPCC has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in modeling studies and research on green energy measures.  With the investments that governments have already made in wind turbines and solar panels, the total expenditure to date is in the low trillions of dollars. … Read more

Global-warming fears based on cherry-picked data—cold is main cause of ‘climate’ deaths

Lancet study shows 480,000 die each year from extreme heat, but nine times more—4.5 million—die from extreme cold

By Bjorn Lom­borg, National Post, August 26, 2023

As surely as temperatures rise during the summer, climate alarmism serves up more stories of life-threatening heat domes, apocalyptic fires and biblical floods, all blamed squarely on global warming. Yet the data to prove this link is often cherry-picked, and the proposed policy responses are enormously ineffective.

Heat waves are clearly made worse by global warming. But the non-stop media coverage of high temperatures in the summertime fails to tell the bigger story: temperature-driven deaths are overwhelmingly caused by cold.… Read more

‘Global warming’ isn’t setting the world on fire

Despite fears stoked by careless media, global area burned each year is trending downward, not up

By Bjorn Lom­borg, Wall Street Journal, August 01, 2023

One of the most common tropes in our increasingly alarmist climate debate is that global warming has set the world on fire. But it hasn’t. For more than two decades, satellites have recorded fires across the planet’s surface. The data are unequivocal: Since the early 2000s, when 3% of the world’s land caught fire, the area burned annually has trended downward.

In 2022, the last year for which there are complete data, the world hit a new record-low of 2.2% burned area.… Read more

How Texans cope with ‘global warming’: air conditioning

The fixes for heat aren’t complex, or at least they don’t need to be as complex as having various government agencies quixotically redesign the U.S. economy. Amazon will drop a fan at your front door in a day or two at most.

By Mark Naida, Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2023

The summer weather in Texas is remarkably consistent, and on weather apps it is usually presented as a frightening shade of red. The current outlook is a high of 101 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for the foreseeable future. I don’t prefer it to be this hot, but like tens of millions of Americans who choose to live in a place with an unreasonable climate, I make do.… Read more