Open Letter to Calgary Mayor and Council: Child Indoctrination & Errors in Climate Risk Assessment

City’s climate risk scenario is unrealistic and will impose unnecessary burdens on citizens, nor should city be indoctrinating children with climate fears

By Ron Davison, P.Eng., Friends of Science, January 18, 2024

An Open Letter to Mayor Jyoti Gondek and Calgary City Council, with copies to Cc: Premier Danielle Smith, Hon. Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Hon. Minister Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Education; Common Sense Calgary; Kris Sims – Canadian Taxpayers Federation;

Dear Mayor Gondek and Council,

RE: City of Calgary tax dollars must not fund child indoctrination on climate change; Significant Errors in Climate Risk Assessment Report Issued Jan 11, 2024

We have been reviewing recent climate-change reports issued by the City of Calgary.… Read more

Climate the Movie lifts the lid on climate alarmism and the forces behind the climate ‘consensus’

This 80 minute movie is must-viewing for anyone who suspects the “climate emergency” is a manufactured crisis—and especially for those believe the so-called “emergency” is real. But who manufactured the “crisis”? And why? Climate the Movie gives the answers. Just click on the picture for the YouTube version.… Read more

“I was wrong about renewables,” says former green-energy executive 

A twenty-year veteran of clean tech now says we need to use more, not less, energy, especially natural gas and nuclear

By Brian Gitt, PUblic News, March 24, 2024

Renewables will make electricity so cheap that they’ll pay for themselves, explained the news media to the public over the last decade. Electric cars will replace internal combustion vehicles and drive down oil use. And poor nations will “leapfrog” into being rich with solar panels and batteries.

However, a different picture has emerged over the last three years. Rather than renewables paying for themselves, President Joe Biden and Congress passed legislation in 2022 that could result in an astonishing $1 trillion of taxpayer money for renewables, efficiency, and electric cars.… Read more

Canada can’t meet electricity demand if new cars and trucks must be EV by 2035: Fraser Institute

To meet Ottawa policy, electricity grid would have to expand by the equivalent of 10 Site-C dams—an impossible demand, report says

By Dr. Cornelius Van Kooten, Fraser Institute, March 14, 2024

Below is the news release for a report by the Fraser Institute, Failure to Charge: A Critical Look at Canada’s EV Policy, on the feasibility of converting Canada from fossil-fuel vehicles to all-electric vehicles.

VANCOUVER—The federal government’s requirement that all new vehicles sold by 2035 be electric could increase Canada’s power demands by as much as 15.3 per cent, requiring the equivalent of 10 new mega hydro dams or 13 large natural gas plants to meet the increased power needs, finds a new study published today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.… Read more

Net Zero by 2050 policy will make Canadians colder and poorer

Carbon tax makes everything more expensive, with near-zero impact on ‘climate change’

By Andrew Roman, Epoch Times, March 18, 2024

A country can go from comfort to poverty a lot faster than from poverty to comfort.  Europe and much of Asia saw that after World War II. If we destroy our affordable and reliable energy infrastructure, and the industries that rely on it, it will take decades of poverty to rebuild it.

An escalating carbon tax on gasoline and diesel fuel is, effectively, an extra tax on energy (in addition to existing fuel taxes at the pump). Canada’s annual carbon tax rebate only gives us back a small percentage of the inflationary price increases that we are paying—now and in the future.… Read more

John Rustad, MLA: CO2 is not the thermostat of the world

In a Friends of Science video conversation, Patrick Hunt, President of Climate Realists of B.C., discusses how former Liberal B.C. MLA and now leader of the B.C. Conservative Party John Rustad was ousted from the Liberal Party (now B.C. United) because he supported a more realistic view of how we should deal with climate change. To view the video, climate on the image below.
Read more

‘Weather porn’ hides the fact that disaster deaths are way down

Over the past decade, climate-related disasters have killed 98 per cent fewer people than a century ago. So, where’s the ‘crisis’?

By Bjorn Lomborg, National Post, Feb. 21, 2024

Watching the news, you get the sense that climate change is making the planet unlivable. We are bombarded with images of floods, droughts, storms and wildfires. We see deadly events nearby but also farflung disasters when the pictures are scary enough.

Yet the impression this barrage of catastrophe gives us is wildly misleading and makes it harder to get climate change policy right. Data show climate-related events like floods, droughts, storms and wildfires aren’t killing more people.… Read more