Trudeau’s goal is to destroy Canada, not build it, using ‘climate change’ as the excuse

Liberals pretend they are ‘saving the planet’ when in reality they are curbing Canadian prosperity for political gain

By Michael Blair, June 15, 2024, Substack

Canadian Liberals combine a dearth of understanding of the laws of physics with ignorance of the key role that Canadian oil & gas companies play in the Canadian economy. A brief summary of the past decade is a good place to begin.

Provincial treasuries received a total of $150 billion from the oil & gas sector in the decade ending in 2019.… Read more

‘Killer heat waves’ rarely a threat—the real danger is cold

Climate alarmists have wildly exaggerated the dangers of ‘extreme’ heat, Statscan study finds

By Philip Cross, National Post, June 28, 2024

Last week, Statistics Canada released a study of the impact of extreme heat events on mortality in 12 large Canadian cities. To great fanfare in media reports, it concluded extreme heat events caused an increase of 900 deaths over the 20 years 2000-2020. … Read more

Scientific method or climate ‘science’? Which should we prefer?

Brief to Hague Court by three eminent U.S. scientists is a devastating refutation of climate catastrophism

By Joe Oliver, National Post, July 2, 2024

An expert opinion, submitted pro bono last November to the Hague Court of Appeals by three eminent American scientists, presents a devastating refutation of climate catastrophism. … Read more