Our goals

Our primary goal is to promote strategically focused, well-coordinated, and scientifically sound communications on the issue of “climate change” to help save society the up-to $1.3-trillion a year that economist Bjorn Lomborg has estimated the “Net Zero” policy1 being adopted by many nations in the Western industrialized world will cost.2

We have two main approaches:

  • To generate a rational public discussion on climate change and the political process around the “Net Zero” project, and
  • To counter the climate of hysteria created by an unrelenting campaign of misinformation about climate change over several decades.

To achieve our goal, we aim to develop and communicate factually reliable information on all aspects of the issue.

In a democracy, the general public ultimately determines the policies adopted by political leaders. Therefore, we hope to influence key opinion leaders who drive the policy process and who have bought publicly into the “Net Zero” scheme. These opinion leaders include politicians, business people, think tanks, members of academia, and the media.

Our activities

As key parts of our activity, we aim to do the following:

  • Produce documentation: We aim to create and distribute on a regular basis reliable information on specific climate-related topics that are relevant to both the public discussion of the climate issue and to the decision-making process. To do this, we draw on the wide range of skills and talents within our group.
  • Apply scientific principles: The group adheres to the most rigorous standards of research when analyzing scientific information regarding climate change. Because the climate role of CO2 is widely used to justify damaging energy and economic policies, particular attention will be paid to developing a scientifically sound position on how CO2 actually affects the climate.
  • Liaison with opinion leaders: We aim to identify societal leaders, especially politicians and the media, but also business people and leaders of institutions, who can influence public opinion on climate change. We aim to provide them with reliable climate information and explore ways to cooperate with them in influencing the public discussion of the climate issue in a positive direction.
  • Monitor and counter misinformation: We aim to actively monitor and counter false and/or misleading information about climate change spread by government agencies, public institutions, the media and the business community and activists. Special attention is paid to government policy statements and decisions.
  • Address the flaws in the education system: We pay special attention to the harm caused by the schools’ systematic indoctrination of the next generation of Canadians with false, alarmist information about climate change, and seek ways to counter this misinformation.
  • Liaise with the business community: The current rush by business leaders in Canada and elsewhere to embrace the various “woke” ideologies emerging in academia, including the “Net Zero” project, is also a major cause for concern. We seek ways to counter this trend by reaching out to business leaders who are not yet infected with the “woke” virus.
  • Collaborate with like-minded groups: We aim to liaise with like-minded groups monitoring the climate-change debate in Canada and abroad and collaborate with them on specific issues, where appropriate. Collaboration can extend to working with media commentators in the United States who are followed on Canadian television, etc.
  • Capitalize on our strengths: The informal nature of our group and the broad array of skills and talents possessed by our members give us both flexibility and intellectual strength, which we will continue to apply in imaginative ways.


  1. For information about the Net Zero project, see https://www.projectnetzero.co.uk
  2. For example, see Bjorn Lomborg, “We need cheap green energy, not grandiose climate promises” in The Financial Post, Nov. 9, 2021, available online. See also Lomborg’s 2020 book False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet. The podcast “What the hell is going on?” of October 27, 2021, has a detailed interview with Lomborg.