City of Ottawa is committing energy suicide

In rejecting a natural gas pipeline upgrade, Ottawa is putting a ‘climate emergency’ over the needs of its citizens

By Patricia Adams & Lawrence Solomon, Epoch Times, June 24, 2022

We may soon need to lay Ottawa to rest, following its decision to deny itself the necessities of life.

The fateful die was cast in May 2022 after the Enbridge energy company made what it believed to be an urgent and uncontroversial application to the Ontario Energy Board to replace a corroded 65-year-old natural gas pipeline—which is at high risk of failing—in the City of Ottawa with a modern pipeline able to reliably meet the city’s needs into the future.… Read more

Net Zero a Trojan horse for total destruction of Western society

At some point, the people will revolt against policies that will abolish choice and impoverish millions

By Al­lis­ter Heath, Daily Telegraph, March 30, 2023

I love my electric car, dear reader, I really do. The driving experience is revolutionary, the acceleration mind-blowing and there are no nasty exhaust fumes or engine noise. After almost three years, I’m not going back: it is far superior, for my purposes, to a petrol-powered vehicle.

But I’m lucky. I can easily charge it and I never drive long distances with it. The Government’s plan to impose a UK-wide ban on the sale of new, pure petrol cars in just six years and nine months’ time is insanely detached from reality.… Read more

Net Zero is a disastrous solution to a non-existent problem

A climate realist and long-time campaigner for climate sanity, Lord Lawson died on April 3. This is his last column.

By Nigel Lawson, The Spectator, Nov. 6, 2021

The British government’s COP26 targets are ambitious (and eye-wateringly expensive). Amid the debate, one important question seems to be missing. Are we really facing an existential threat? Or might the climate change “crisis” in fact be quasi-religious hysteria, based on ignorance?

It is true that, since the industrial revolution, when we began to use fossil fuels — first coal, then oil and gas — as our source of energy, this has led to a steady, albeit gradual, increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.… Read more

Stop terrorizing the youth with climate doom—it’s nonsense

We are not going to drown, starve or die of thirst because of climate change. Rather, the most immediate danger lies in exaggerating the threats and rendering an entire generation incapacitated by fear.

By Ross Clark, The Times, March 31, 2023

Who are the greatest victims of climate change? People flooded out of their homes? Subsistence farmers affected by drought? I would suggest an alternative group: the 56 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds who, according to a 2021 poll, think humanity is doomed by a changing climate.

You can see it in tearful schoolchildren boycotting lessons, in Just Stop Oil activists earnestly telling us that billions of people are going to starve, in those who say they will never have children because, in the words of one 27-year-old woman quoted in The Guardian, “I feel I can’t in all conscience bring a child into this world and force them to try and survive what may be apocalyptic conditions.”… Read more

The Left’s new aim: make ordinary people poorer

The net zero ‘debate’ has revealed a stunning shift in the basic assumptions that underpin Left-wing political thinking

By Janet Daley, The Telegraph, April 1, 2023

We are living through the most startling political realignment in more than 100 years. Never since the advent of modern socialism in the early 20th century has the Left openly advocated making ordinary people poorer, thereby leaving those on the Right to defend the spread of mass prosperity. The debate (if this tendentious chorus of unanimity can be called a debate) on net zero has entirely shifted the ground on which modern political discourse has been based.… Read more