Speakers Bureau

Climate Realists of British Columbia is happy to speak to your group in the Greater Victoria area. At the moment we have one talk, based on Paul MacRae’s book Through the Looking Glass: A Citizen’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Climate Science.

Looking glass cover
Through the Looking Glass is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-format, and at many e-book retailers, including Apple Books and Kobo.

This talk, like the book, takes listeners deep into the ‘science’ of climate science to reveal the fanciful, Alice in Wonderland nature of its assumptions and conclusions—its ability to believe ‘six impossible things before breakfast.’

For a start, listeners will learn how to check for themselves—hence a ‘do-it-yourself’ guide—that actual temperature readings of the last seventy years do not match the increase in carbon-dioxide levels and that climate models consistently over-predict ‘global warming’.

How can this be? Because climate science is not the traditional, empirically based science we are told. Instead, it is ‘post-normal’ science, based not on empirical evidence but on ‘consensus’ and faulty computer models, both politicized to create a ‘scary’ story for the public.

Listeners will learn that the ‘warming’ of recent decades has been created not by CO2 increases, as we’re told, but by El Niño events, which ‘ratchet up’ global temperatures every few years. Outside of El Niño years, temperatures are basically flat-lined.

This means the trillions of dollars spent trying to stop ‘global warming’ by throttling ‘carbon emissions’ will have almost no effect in lowering global temperatures, but will make us all poorer and less able to adapt to the weather events and climate changes that do occur—and have always occurred.

We, as citizens of democracies, can mutely accept this impoverishment of our lifestyles, based on politicized ‘science’. Or, with the more balanced view of climate science that this book offers, we can take democratic action—hence a ‘citizen’s guide’—to stop the ‘global warming’ bandwagon before it takes us down what can only be a totalitarian rabbit hole. The choice is ours.  

Paul MacRae is a veteran journalist who has worked for, among others, The Globe and Mail, the Bangkok Post, and as an editorial writer and weekly columnist with the Victoria Times Colonist. In 2002 he left the Times Colonist to take an MA in English at the University of Victoria and then taught writing at UVic for 15 years. He is now retired from teaching but continues to write and contribute to Climate Realists of B.C.

If you’d like to hear this talk, please contact Climate Realists of B.C. through the ‘Contact’ page (under ‘About Us’ in the top menu) leaving your name and email address and we will get back to you. There is no charge for this talk, apart from travelling expenses if necessary.