Media-induced fear of global warming, not global warming, is damaging our mental health

Climate anxiety makes no sense—humanity has survived heat waves for thousands of years without air conditioning. We can adapt to current and future ‘climate change’ if we don’t lose our cool

By Allysia Fin­ley, Wall Street Journal, July 31, 2023

The media wants you to know it’s hot outside. “‘Heat health emergency’: Nearly half the US at risk,” CNN proclaimed last week as temperatures climbed above 90 degrees in much of the country.

If heat waves were as deadly as the press proclaims, Homo sapiens couldn’t have survived thousands of years without air conditioning. Yet here we are. Humans have shown remarkable resilience and adaptation—at least until modern times, when half of society lost its cool over climate change.… Read more

Ireland to slaughter 200,000 cows to fight ‘global warming’

Radical green agenda ‘absolute madness’

By Frank Bergman, Slay News, June 3, 2023

Ireland’s government is pushing plans to slaughter a staggering 200,000 healthy cows to fight so-called “global warming,” according to reports. The move is part of a broader plan by Irish lawmakers to meet the radical goals of the globalist green agenda.

To slash the nation’s “emissions,” the government wants to gut the national dairy herd by 10 percent.… Read more