Alberta’s close call on electricity a wake-up call for Canada

Politicians should be abandoning ‘green’ energy policies that make no sense is a cold country like ours

By Patrick Hunt, Jan. 18, 2024

The near electrical grid failure in Alberta this week, in which cold weather and several blackouts threatened rolling blackouts, certainly vindicates what Premier Danielle Smith has been saying all along: that reliable energy is essential in the hostile climate that winter in Canada can serve up. 

At minus-45°C, when the sun is not shining and it is too cold for wind turbines to turn even if there is a breeze, what sane government would outlaw the use of fossil fuels to maintain the energy grid and people’s lives? 

What rational government would insist that a country must build and pay for two equal and parallel energy systems—one system green and unreliable, and the other one, to be used only as a backup by green energy policies, that is much more reliable and, as a bonus, produces plant food (carbon dioxide).

If Alberta’s near-disaster does not get the attention of climate-alarmist politicians, I do not know what will.  That said, politicians should remind themselves that electorates are very unforgiving of policies that harm or kill constituents, especially when these politicians have been repeatedly warned of the negative consequence of their actions, but are so ideologically driven that they dismiss any criticism of their plans—nay, worse, refuse to even consider any negative consequences. 

These politicians are so focused on projecting an image of saving the world by reducing our carbon-dioxide emissions they are refusing the opportunity to save lives in their own country.

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