Trudeau’s goal is to destroy Canada, not build it, using ‘climate change’ as the excuse

Liberals pretend they are ‘saving the planet’ when in reality they are curbing Canadian prosperity for political gain

By Michael Blair, June 15, 2024, Substack

Canadian Liberals combine a dearth of understanding of the laws of physics with ignorance of the key role that Canadian oil & gas companies play in the Canadian economy. A brief summary of the past decade is a good place to begin.

Provincial treasuries received a total of $150 billion from the oil & gas sector in the decade ending in 2019.

The energy industry comprises about 12% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Production (GDP).

Energy industry employment approximates almost 700,000 Canadians in what are typically high paying jobs. The personal income taxes paid by this group of workers adds up to somewhere around $245 billion over the past decade.

Corporate taxes paid by oil & gas companies in the 2010-2019 time frame totalled $52 billion.

Liberals can pretend they are “saving the planet” when in reality they are curbing Canadian prosperity for political gain. We now know that the purportedly “revenue neutral” carbon tax is a $20 billion annual drain on Canada’s economy. Liberals and NDP simply lie about it.

Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) impose regressive penalties on Canadians with the lowest income people suffering the greatest burden. Even the Parliamentary Budget Office admits that Canadian CO2 emissions are immaterial to global climate on any theory. Rather than “saving the planet” the Liberals are punishing Canadians to sustain a belief disguised as science for the political benefit it gives them as “saviours” of the planet.

Canadians waking up to climate scam

But Canadians are slowly but surely waking up to the scam. The next election will take place in the fall of 2025 unless the NDP stops voting with the minority Liberals to ensure Jagmeet Singh gets a lifetime pension, an objective most Canadians don’t care about. What they do care about will affect how they vote in 2025, and the “climate change” narrative is beginning to fall on deaf ears.

As Trudeau policies continue to compel declines in per capita GDP and economic issues bite into household budgets, the climate change rhetoric will join COVID-19 as an irrelevant factor.

This means Trudeau’s Liberals and their NDP supporters will be driven out of office in a landslide for Pierre Poilevre and the Conservatives, who promise to bring common sense back to Ottawa, cut the size of the bureaucracy, reduce or eliminate the endless Liberal deficits, and limit immigration to the number of Canadians that Canada’s housing, school and hospital infrastructure can accommodate. And, they will expand oil and gas output and approve mining projects that will see GDP increase both on an aggregate and per capita basis.

Recent polls point to a Conservative majority. That would be a refreshing change.

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