Report and appeal from Friends of Science

By Ron Davison, President, Friends of Science, June 19, 2023

Dear Friends of Science,

We need your help.

The political/financial assault on our children’s and grandchildren’s future is kicking into high gear at a time when “the science” behind Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) alarmism is literally falling apart. Of course, that statement is being kind.

“The science” was never sound, since there is no empirical CO2/Temperature dataset that shows CO2 driving the climate on any statistically significant historical time scale. Remember, empirical data is a basic requirement of the Scientific Method. That important point not withstanding, recent developments (outlined below) have shown the folly of CAGW alarmism. The first point is not all that recent, but the optics provide context for the remaining points.

  • Full global compliance of the extended 2015 Paris Accord will reduce the global temperature rise in 2100 by just 0.17 °C (or more accurately will only delay that rise by a few years). And it will only cost you, the global taxpayer hundreds of trillions of dollars.
  • In the summer of 2021, just weeks before the IPCC released its AR6 Society for Policy Makers (SPM) Report, the programmers behind those “catastrophic” temperature projections admitted that their models run too hot. Yet those models are still used in the IPCC reports.
  • The IPCC’s 2021 AR6 SPM Report stated that “the likelihood of high-emission scenarios such as RCP8.5 or SSP5-8.5 is considered low in light of recent developments in the energy sector.” Yet these high-emission scenarios are still in the IPCC reports.
  • The Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) released its “Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and Canadian GDP” report on November 8th, 2022. The report shows that unrestricted greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would only reduce our GDP emissions by 6.6%, 80 years from now (i.e.: instead of growing by 378%, based on a 2%/year growth rate, the growth rate would only be 371.4%). A second run assuming that the global Paris Accord Commitments were met would only improve the GDP by 0.8%. That 0.8% is just a $17-billion improvement (80 years from now). According to the McKinsey NetZero Transition Report, we (the Canadian taxpayer) will be spending $7-trillion to get that $17-billion improvement. That is the business case that Justin is putting forward, according to the PBO/McKinsey.
  • As Jessica Weinkle testified to the U.S. Senate, conflicts of interest abound in the climate risk assessments used by banks, finance and insurance companies; as CLINTEL’s recent analysis of the IPCC AR6 reports show, the media and UN Sec.-Gen Antonio Guterres have been misleading the public, hyping “Code Red” climate hysteria, which is not at all what the AR6 reports say. 
  • And more recently (March 3, 2023), the NOAA-STAR satellite temperature dataset was recalibrated and now corroborates the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) satellite data. UAH used to be the outlier on the low-temperature side, not so anymore. That “honor” now belongs to Remote Sensing Systems (RSS). The temperature trends in the UAH/STAR datasets are not dangerous and will not continue rising indefinitely. Several ocean cycles are visible in that data. The ENSO [El Niño] cycle has already reduced temperatures significantly since 2015, the PDO [Pacific Decadal Oscillation] is in its cold phase and the AMO [Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation] is headed into its 30-year cold phase. Then you can layer in the cold associated with the forecasted Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) and an imminent Beaufort Gyre cold, freshwater release.

The points above (which are knowingly ignored by the alarmist community) are covered in more detail in my OPS-55 – The State of Climate ScienceCSS-30 – CMIP6 Climate ModelsOPPS-22 – PBO – GDP & ClimatePSS-4 – Who is Justin Listening To, and CSS-40 – Satellite Temperature Comparisons posts.

To summarize the above points, we will spend trillions of dollars with virtually no positive impacts on our economies (just severe, dangerous negative ones) and virtually no impact on future temperatures. We have time and “There is No Climate Emergency”.

You, as taxpayers, voters and citizens cannot just read and then set aside these real-world changes. You need to spread this information and you need to actively raise your voices through direct and/or financial participation.

We (the skeptic/realist community) are making gains, but this fight is far from over. Science and economics both show that the ideological green initiatives being forced on us are completely unnecessary, they are not environmentally sound and will push our societies into economic suicide and some form of totalitarian rule (call it what you will). This is not the future that I, or you should want for our children.

Friends of Science Society continues to operate on a small budget (±$150.000/year versus the ENGOs that receive millions of your tax dollars every year). But as usual we need your help to keep this operation going. Your generosity has always been appreciated and we hope you will continue to provide your much needed support.

The planet is facing serious energy, food, supply chain and financial crises, all of which are exacerbated by and can be tied back to “Climate Change” policy. The work of Friends of Science has never been more important. While we have made gains, the push to take away our freedoms has been accelerated. More people need to hear and understand the truths that our political “leaders” are knowingly ignoring while they unnecessarily push us over an economic cliff. You are critical to getting those truths out to the general public.

With the COVID-19 issues in our past, the Friends of Science Society will be back hosting our in-person Annual Event (October 17th, 2023, at the Red & White Club in Calgary). Save that date. This is our 21st year and I am hoping to meet many of you in person. Our speakers this year are Robert Lyman (a career public policy and foreign affairs expert with the Canadian Federal Government) and Ian Clark (Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa). Ticket information will be coming out soon. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please email for more information.

The climate hysteria onslaught appears endless, but the Friends of Science Society continues to put out well-researched rebuttals to the propaganda you see daily. The bulk of our work can be found on our website ( and our main social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter). Please support us by donating today at or send an e-transfer to

Thank you for your continued support!

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