Net Zero 2030 conference report: Too far, too fast!

In the video below, Michelle Sterling, communications manager of Friends of Science, shows how the claims and premises of the Net Zero 2030 conference are built on faulty and even false energy and climate assumptions.
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A recent day-long conference hosted by the Canadian Climate Institute and the Net Zero Advisory Board proposed to offer Net Zero 2030 plans and programs “In Focus.”

In this video, Friends of Science Communications Manager, Michelle Stirling, who watched the day’s events, offers her insights and rebuttals to many claims made in the day-long presentation. In essence, the Canadian federal government is trying to go…”too far…too fast.” Michelle explains why.

Sterling makes the initial key point that the hosts of the conference are NOT the independent authorities that they claim to be.

Further revelations expose the common misunderstanding that extreme weather events are “proof” of climate change. In fact, it is simply magical thinking to believe that stopping the use of fossil fuels will end extreme weather.

Net Zero is not possible for the foreseeable future

Stirling presents evidence from credible sources like the International Energy Agency that there is no likelihood that Canada (or any government) could go “Net Zero” within eight years, 20 years, or even a hundred years (unless some magical new technology appears).

Likewise, the claim of “climate emergency” stems from the misuse of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s “Representative Concentration Pathways” research on the warming effect of the carbon-dioxide concentration (CO2) in the atmosphere. It turns out that the RCP 8.5 and 6 scenarios are highly unlikely—yet they are the most cited in climate research!

The climate science and environmentalist community is simply #greenwashing the public with false claims about extreme weather, about emissions, about the claimed benefits/emissions reductions of initiatives like carbon taxes or a cap on emissions, about the Clean Electricity Standard or other federal climate greenhouse gas reduction programs. As is happening in Europe, these false claims, if acted upon by governments, will all lead to “heat or eat” poverty for ordinary people, and a crippling of Canadian industry.

A message from Friends of Science

We hope you will view this hour-long presentation that condenses a whole day conference and incorporates rebuttals to the Net Zero group’s often nonsensical claims. We hope you will share this information with your friends, family and colleagues, and get this information out to policymakers.

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