Quora: Why aren’t people responding to the climate change threat?

Question: If science is there and people are aware of climate change, then why do many people seem unconcerned about climate change, uninterested in doing much to respond to the threat, and perhaps even unconvinced that climate change is actually occurring?

By Wayne Bogda, New Real Climate Science, December 16, 3022

When people lie to me, try to coerce me, threaten me, bully me, and censor me, I don’t trust anything they have to say. At any time, on any subject, forever.

When they suggest government action that impoverishes me, enriches the elite, and empowers government, I know they can’t be trusted.

When they use junk science, deceptive dissemination of their “science”, claim a consensus that doesn’t exist, claim empirical evidence that they can’t reproduce, they are committing fraud.

I am a scientist, and have not seen any evidence that convinces me of their theory, and quite a bit that contradicts their theory.

I also know that the world has survived millions of climate changes, all pre-dating fossil fuels, and most that pre-date humanity.

I know that the world has thrived under much warmer, wetter, conditions than we experience today.

I know that the abundant, versatile, storable, transportable, and affordable energy provided by fossil fuels is what made human existence thrive to unprecedented levels, and is the only thing that sustains 95% of humanity.

I know that curtailing that energy will have cataclysmic consequences for humanity.

It isn’t climate change that concerns me, because it isn’t concerning. Human nature, their historic behavior, and their current patterns concern me astronomically more.

Climate Change Alarmism will depopulate the planet by 90%. Not accidentally, but by design. Wake up.

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