The price of ‘Green’ energy—ruinous costs and ruined lives

Below is a screenshot of the latest roundup of articles found in Britain’s Net Zero Watch daily email. As you will see, in Great Britain, Europe, and even Australia, the cost of “green” energy has been devastating, while offering little or no actual benefit in terms of “fighting” climate change. Energy bills for a pub of almost £30,000 ($47,224 CDN) every three months? And aren’t we in Canada experiencing the same pain with record gasoline prices that, to add insult to injury, include a carbon tax? And it’s only going to get worse….

The climate alarmist/Green idea that the conversion to “sustainable” energy will be mostly painless is complete nonsense. If Canadians were told the true cost of Justin Trudeau’s “bring back better” program (i.e., “green” socialism), they would reject it. That’s why the public is never told what this conversion will cost.

But here’s a hint of what we are probably facing if we continue down the path of “green” energy. In his book Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning, ultra-alarmist George Monbiot quotes a veteran environmentalist who was asked, “When you get your 80 per cent cut [in greenhouse gases], what will this country [Britain] look like?” The environmentalist’s reply? “A very poor third-world country.”1

Is that what we want, if we were actually asked what we want (which we aren’t)? Or are there less damaging ways to cope with climate change, assuming climate change is actually a problem?

Here is a link to the original email from Net Zero Watch, which contains further links to each of the stories below. If you are looking for accurate, fact-filled information about how “net zero” policies are affecting ordinary people in Europe (hint: badly!), the daily email from Net Zero Watch is an excellent resource.


  1. George Monbiot, Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning, Introduction, Cdn. ed. Toronto: Anchor Books, 2007, p. xv.

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