IPCC vs. The Facts: The Case for Climate Realism—pdf download

By Ken Wilson, P.Eng. (ret), Jan. 10, 2023

This essay, available as a PDF download, examines the science underlying the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) from a climate-realist perspective.

This science is supposed to be “settled,” “certain,” and beyond question, based on a reported “consensus” of more than 2,000 scientists who contribute to the IPCC’s reports. The IPCC’s findings are, we’re often told, “The Science,” and non-scientists—politicians, the media and the public—are supposed to accept “the Science” without question.

However, if we do begin to question “the Science,” serious problems emerge, including many claims by the IPCC that do not stand up to scrutiny, including accelerating sea levels (there has been no alarming change in the rate of global sea level rise since 1860), increased frequency of “extreme” weather events such as hurricanes (not happening), and many others.

Above all, the scientific evidence does not support the IPCC’s key claim: that increased levels of carbon dioxide are causing corresponding increased warming. If this isn’t true, then the entire IPCC case collapses.

The article is about 2 mb and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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