Elon Musk: World could sustain ‘many times’ current population

Tesla CEO critical of popular idea that we are exceeding Earth’s carrying capacity—lives of the current eight billion people are improving, not getting worse

By Emily Mangiaracina, Lifesite News, June 9, 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, now the richest man in the world and a father of eight, is insisting that not only is the earth not overpopulated, but it could healthily sustain “many times” its current population.

In perhaps his most radically unorthodox claim to date about the so-called overpopulation problem, Musk stated Sunday, “Earth could sustain many times its current human population and the ecosystem would be fine. We definitely don’t have ‘too many people.’”

Mainstream media often promotes the idea that we have already exceeded the earth’s carrying capacity, the idea that there is a maximum population our environment can sustain indefinitely. However, there is in fact a wide range of opinions on what that capacity is, if there is indeed a limit, as shown by studies on the subject compiled by the Australian Academy of Science

While 20 studies say it is 8 billion people or less (the current world population is now nearly 8 billion), 14 studies peg the world’s carrying capacity at twice that amount, 16 billion, and 18 other studies notch that number way up, with seven studies estimating the earth can sustain as many as 64 billion people, and one study estimating it at 1,024 billion people.

‘Dire predictions’ all disproved

Jordan Peterson has noted that “dire predictions” about the state of the world by the year 2000 made by the globalist Club of Rome based on ideas of overpopulation have been way off the mark. Peterson explained on a recent Chris Williamson podcast that the Club of Rome predicted “riots and mass starvation … and all the things you hear about climate change, because there’s too many people on the planet.” 

Peterson continued, “That just didn’t happen at all … it wasn’t just wrong, it was anti-true. It was absolutely wrong. What happened instead was that everyone got way richer and the [poorest] section of the population … got lifted out of poverty.”

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