After spending $3.8-trillion on renewables, U.S. use of fossil fuels down one percent

From a CNBC interview on Oct. 2, 2022, with Jeff Currie of investment firm Goldman Sachs

How much has green investment given us? Here’s a stat for you. At the end of last year [2021], overall, fossil fuels represented 81 percent of overall energy consumption [in the United States]. Ten years ago, they were at 82.

So after all of that investment in renewables, you’re talking about $3.8-trillion, let me repeat that, $3.8-trillion of investment in renewables, fossil fuel consumption fell from 82 to 81 percent of [the U.S.’s] overall energy consumption. The net of it is clearly we haven’t made any progress.

In 1908, fossil fuels accounted for 85% of U.S. energy consumption. In 2015, more or less the same.

For the full article, see Climate Depot at this link.

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